Publishing from Flock

Quickly checking out publishing from Flock, the new social browser. Very cool.

There are still quite a few issues here and there, but it looks really powerful.

This is a text indentation:

The majority of web pages one can access through search engines were collected by crawling the so-called Static or Surface Web. It is a smaller portion of the Internet reportedly containing between 8 and 20 billion pages (Google vs. Yahoo index sizes). Though this number is already very large, the total number of pages available on the Web is estimated to 500 billion pages. This part of the Internet is often referred to as Deep Web, Dynamic Web, or Invisible Web. All these names reflect some of the features of this gigantic source of information – stored deep down in databases, rendered through DHTML, not accessible to standard crawlers. Pages in the Deep Web typically might not have a standard URL, and cannot be addressed in a standard fashion. In many cases, they actually do not even exist until a user asks a question by filling up fields in a form, and a response (page) is generated. Typical examples of deep web applications are airline reservation, online dictionaries, etc.

This is a list:

  • One
  • Two
  • Three

Test of picture insertion. Flickr Photo

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21 Comments on “Publishing from Flock”

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